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Tech used by Anime Characters in Anime shows

Many Anime shows contain anime tech that has been seen in real life from that you can take a wild guess that the world is changing so fast and advancing in modern technology. Some examples of Anime characters are explained below which used the modern tech that can easily be seen nowadays.

Anything is feasible in anime, however, are any of the gadgets we tend to see even potential in our world?

Do you drool with envy once your favorite character jumps into a mech suit to assist humanity? maybe you simply can’t wait to put down some money to retreat into associate degree robot body…

I love technology. It’s not uncommon to search out Maine with a dopey grin on my face while looking anime that includes funky gizmos.

Summoning the man of science from a past life, I took a stroll down the net lane to get what a number of the world’s leading school firms are up to. it should surprise you the way shut we actually are to living our sci-fi fantasies.

#10 Virtual Reality

As seen in Anime Shows like Sword Art Online
Brought to you by Oculus, Sony, Microsoft et al.

Ok this isn’t a surprise, VR has been documented in sci-fi and anime for the past forty years, howeverthe primary business unharness of VR headsets (we don’t count the Virtual Boy) is next year!! If you’ve had the prospect to expertise eye at associate degree collection within the past 2 years you recognize VR is about to alter the method we tend to consume media.

Sure the games are going to be basic, it’s visiting be buggy and also the founded can price you a little fortune, howeverwe tend to are one step nearer to living in Aincrad, Alfheim or the other virtual world you’ll consider. Tell your family and friends they won’t be seeing you for agesdoubtless longer if developers persist an influence trip and lock you in! currently, all we want could be a good net affiliation.

Numerous Anime shows contain anime tech that has been found, all things considered, from that you can speculate that the world is changing so quickly and progressing in present-day technology. A few instances of Anime characters are clarified underneath which utilized the advanced tech that can without much of a stretch be seen these days.

#9 Bionic Eye

As seen in Anime Shows like cyberpunk
Brought to you by multiple institutions

If you’ve watched the killer or any variety of cyberpunk anime, you’ve seen however helpful a bionic eye may be. Instant zoom, target trailing, and message receiving are all engineered in; no want for third-party accessories.

Bionic eyes are already being trialed throughout the globetogether with some here in Australia. Trouble is, they’re still an extended approach off reproducing 20/20 color vision. Early devices may solely show a pair of pixels, revealing some squares of sunshine once the device is turned on. Tests on the newest models have created blurred pictures and ghosting of moving objects, which might build driving not possible. Hold off on the upgrade for a pair a lot of years!

For the color blind, there’s already an alternative to seeing color. Neil Harbisson may be a human-cyborg with Associate in the Nursing implant that enables him to listen to coloreach lightweight wave his implant detects produces a note. color to him is virtually a symphony. Imagine visiting that concert! you furthermore may get to wear a cracking antenna, the proper speech communication starter in any social circle.

#8 Mega Robots

As seen in any mecha anime shows
Brought to you by MegaBots

Heard concerning Japan’s challenge to the USA in an exceedingly big automaton fight? Well, it’s official; National Aeronautics and Space Administration is aiding MegaBots in building a worthy opponent. Paintball cannons, shock absorbers, and a six-foot-long saw can accompany the four.5-meter tall competition into the ring.

Of course, the battle isn’t visiting be as frenziedly paced as Evangelion. Most of the movements are around 8-16 kilometers Associate in Nursing hour, that remains pretty quick for a hulky machine.

If solely it had thrusters and armed lasers for area warfare. Oh, wait, it in all probability will. The USA Air Force simply proclaimed combat lasers on fighter jets by the year 2020. Appears like we’re heading in the right direction for fighting alien invasions. sign on for duty today!

#7 Interactive Androids

As seen in Anime Shows like cyberpunk
Brought to you by Osaka University, MIT

You might have detected the phrase ‘uncanny valley’ (hint: it’s not a place) to explain however shut artificial creations agree reality. Well, city University is ready to blur the lines even more with a brand new interactive golem known as true heath.

Erica will have easy conversations and show little emotional gestures, like blinking, head tilting and slight facial movements. this vision is to own androids like true health operating as receptionists in offices, salutation and leading customers.

Tie this with MIT’s new automaton “Hermes” and you’ll have the equivalent of Sunny from me, Robot. Greek deity is in a position to point out human-like reflexes and fine motor movement, with unbelievable strength. this is often presently achieved through somebody’s controller, howevermay be hopped-up by AI within the future.

Someone send it to MegaBots, therefore, we will produce Jaegers!

Various Anime shows contain anime tech that has been discovered, everything considered, from that you can theorize that the world is changing so rapidly and advancing in present-day technology. A couple of occurrences of Anime characters are explained underneath which used the propelled tech that can without quite a bit of a stretch be seen nowadays.

#6 Crime Predictive AI

As seen in Anime Shows like Psycho-Pass
Brought to you by JR Rail

Considering today’s smartphones have additional process power than NASA’s original moon landing computers (1300 times additional powerful), it’s a surprise we have a tendency to don’t have already got crime prophetic analytics a la Watch Dogs and Psycho-Pass. however simply once you thought the dystonia way forward for martyr Orwell’s 1984 was simply a far-off fantasy, Japan goes and proves you wrong once more.

Osaka’s Kyobashi Station is taking part in the host to a Jr Rail trial to assist lower drunk connected train injuries. A forty-six camera founded monitors the platform for passengers exhibiting inebriated behaviors like lurching around or sitting on a bench for “extended periods of time” (and however long is that piece of thread?). The founded alerts station attendants to handle “at risk” people before they’ll injure themselves.

Should the set up succeed, “Big Brother” could extend his reach on the far side the platform? maybe this is often the pivot purpose for the creation of Dominators.

#5 Vampires

As seen in Anime Shows like in Tokyo Ghoul
Brought to you by Stanford University

More fantasy than sci-fi, vampires are typically represented as immortal beings gaining strength from human blood. Clearly, this had control on researchers at the universityUnited Nations agency have discovered regenerative advantages in giving recent mice young blood. Older mice show new vegetative cell growth within the brain once receiving a transfusion from young mice, thanks to unidentified proteins within the plasma.

The study has entered human trials within the hope of extending the standard of life in older individualswhile the older isn’t clawing at the windows of their grandchildren to eat at their veins (yet), it should presently become the norm to share associate degree artery along with your Nan at family functions. This wild future will feel harking back Tokyo Ghoul and general evil spirit cognitive content. Best part: the federal government is on board, creating vampirism legal. appears like your native bank is ready to become the following McDonald’s for senior voters.

Origin of Anime

One of Japan’s famous film industries gave birth to anime, in the early 1900s and has emerged as one of Japan’s major cultural forces over the past century.

Much of the paintings carried out in those early years was no longer the cel animation approach that might turn out to be the dominant manufacturing technique, but by means of other techniques like for example chalkboard drawings, portray without delay on the film, paper cut-outs, and so forth.

One by one, most of the technologies used today have been added to Japanese lively productions like sound and color the multi-plane digital camera device and cel animation.

But because of the upward push of Japanese nationalism and the start of WWII, maximum of the animated productions created from the 1930s on have been now not popular entertainments, however, instead had been either commercially orientated or government propaganda of one type or some other.

Anime Industry Growth in Overseas Market

The total market value for the anime industry in 2016 was 2.9 trillion yen which in the US $17.5 billion, up about 9.9% from 2015’s 1.83 trillion yen.

The total market value in 2014 was up to 10% from 2013, and 2015 was up 12% from 2014.

It was noted that “the industry felt a little benefit through the growth” mostly from the overseas market.

While Japan does felt the benefit from the overseas market growth, that benefit is not as direct and is less than the benefit felt from domestic market growth.

Most of the sales come from overseas because the anime licensing is done by overseas management companies.

Meanwhile, the overseas market has grown 171.9% since 2013 to reach a record high in 2016, rising from 282.3 billion yen about US$2.631 billion in 2013 to 767.6 billion yen about US$7.154 billion in 2016.

Different Anime shows contain anime tech that has been found, everything considered, from that you can guess that the world is changing so quickly and progressing in present-day technology. Two or three events of Anime characters are clarified underneath which utilized the pushed tech that can without a lot of a stretch be seen these days.

Expansion of the Anime Market

At the same time, anime was expanding far beyond Japan’s borders one major turn after another, the 2000s threatened its growth and led many to speculate.

Contracting budgets and declining industry revenues meant a turn towards things that were guaranteed to sell, experimental work took a break.

Titles based on the existing manga and light novel properties that were guaranteed hits, example: One-piece, Naruto, bleach.

The main anime projects were based on a manga which started early in the industry. Many manga series were made as it is an anime series.

Later on, attention shifted from OAVs to TV production. This stood far more of a chance of recouping costs.



Declining of the Anime Market

But here’s the fact, the animation industry itself never good to begin with, more than 90% of the animators left this field due to tough working hours and getting less pay.

Another issue was digitally powered piracy. Internet early dial-up days didn’t lend itself of copying gigabytes of video, but later on, as the bandwidth and storage become cheaper, it was easy to move a whole season of episodes in one DVD.

Many anime seasons were watched on TV. But many of the anime seasons were not licensed for the U.S.

Many anime shows were copied and licensed and readily available on DVD in the Anime market in most of the countries.

Another issue related to the declining of anime market was the worldwide economic crunch at the end of the 2000s, which caused many companies to cut back or completely closed.


Wars of the Anime Market

The ADV Films and Geneon were major casualties, with a large chunk of their titles moving to rival company FUNimation.

The latter had come to be, by means of any measure, the single largest English language anime licensor, thanks to its distribution of the hugely worthwhile Dragon Ball franchise.

Brick and mortar retailers cut back who were devoted to anime because of the market’s shrinkage, retailers like


Top Anime series of all times

There are many anime series depending on different categories like action, adventure, horror etc. Each anime has its worth and fame.

The best anime’s of all time include Death Note, Attack on Titan, Dragon ball z and much more. Plus new anime series debut each year.

Anime can refer to animated films or TV series, and most of the times also refer to Japanese comic books. Mostly knows as “manga”, and much famous anime series are based on popular manga series.

List of top anime shows:


Death Note

A fictional universe that contains a character “Light Yagami” who own a notebook in which, if someone’s name is written dies.



Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It is an anime based on manga series by Hiromu Arakawa. Developed by Bones, the series is directed by Yasuhiro Irie and written by Hiroshi Onogi.


Bleach is about a high school kid Kurosaki Ichigo, who can see ghosts. He got this ability or power, after an accident with a hollow.

To know more about top anime of all time, here’s a complete list read


Success Story in the Anime market

The famous renown Japanese manga artist, game artist, and the character designer Akira Toriyama.  He first got recognized by his mainstream achievement manga series of Dr. Slump.



In Dr. Slump he designed the complete series and was famous in the Japanese anime industry. He was also known for many character designs in video games, such as Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and Blue Dragon.

Akira is regarded as one of the artists that change the world of manga, games, and anime, he is popular for his work in the Japanese anime industry.


Akira Toriyama earned the Shogakukan Manga Award for best shonen or shojo manga for Dr Slump which sold about 35 million copies.

13 years later of this manga, Dragon ball came into existence. Dragon ball became the most popular series which sold about 350 million copies worldwide.

Dragon ball was his second best selling manga series in the world. And due to this reason, circulation of manga series was at its highest peak in the mid-1980s and 1990s.

Overseas, Dragon ball anime adaptation has been more successful than the manga and is created with boosting anime’s popularity in the western world.

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