How do Online Business Start and Fail | Online Business Failure

How do Online Business Start and Fail | Online Business Failure

How do online business start and fail is a very common question these days, as most of the people don’t even try to start their very own business as they are so much afraid of other people failures. Online business failure is not the issue but the money they try to spend gets wasted. In order to avoid that they try not to start an online business. There are tons of online business ideas but people try to run away from it, as they are imagining it will cost them too much! An online business idea starts with a strong will of taking debts at every cost in order to succeed one day.

There are many online business types, but most people try to search for online ones. As it is easy to just sit back at home and earn money. There are many types of online business to start at a lower scale but still, people fear of losing money. All you have to do is take a leap of faith, and just do it!

How online business start at a lower level? First, you have to track the best online macro & micro-niches such as net-ball-drills, as it is a micro niche so people try to create a website by signing up to their trusted hosting companies. By the way, do you know what are the top hosting services for websites in 2020? Well, take a look at the embedded link. Try to start your online business by selecting any hosting services from the above link.

The biggest question “Why do online business fail?” Here, we have discussed common reasons for failure!

Being an entrepreneur myself it breaks my heart to see the business plan of many people crashing down in the online market. I mean just imagine for a moment, a person investing his hard-earned cash and then getting nothing in return, Sad isn’t?

Spending whole life saving every rupee or penny, then investing, hoping to get succeeded one day with your business plan strategies, but eventually, fail with defeating tears. If a person like me gets sad, then what would be the condition of the person who had invested to run his business plan strategy?

So tell me do you want to be a just like them?  Do you have the power to face failure? If no, then don’t do the following mistakes as everyone does.

Basically there are numerous reasons for business plan failures but the common of them are:

Reason#1: Goal is to make money instead of Public Relation, Seriously? (How do Online Business Start and Fail)

To be very honest, I have seen many people in my life who want to make money but no one wants to make a long term relation with the customer. There are tons of online business types.

Your main priority is money instead of making a good relationship with your customers. Is this the right attitude to start a business? I mean you must be crazy if you are doing this to your humble customers.

You won’t succeed like this and your hard-earned money which you have invested will eventually be burned in flames. How do online business start and fail, solution?


Always remember the customer is always right, respect him/her and find out what they really need, get close with them to know what they really want.

Work hard to make Public relations instead of making money because if one customer is satisfied, just imagine he/she will talk positively about your services to his/her other friends and family members. This is the key to success.

Reason#2: Don’t hide hidden Taxes or Charges

Want to have a successful business? Then be honest with your customers, don’t lie about your products actual price.

Don’t lie about refunding policies, if there isn’t any because one unsatisfied customer will stop other people for becoming your customer, Do you want this to happen? And I bet your answer will be no.


Mention all the hidden taxes or charges so that he/she could know, what the actual price of the product is.

Always be honest about the refunding policy, if there isn’t any refund after purchase then mention this thing under every product. There are tons of online business types.

Reason#3: Poor Planning (Online Business Failure)

The biggest question “Why do online business fail?” You finally get started but you didn’t plan well enough for the financial, emotional, mental and physical implications. You didn’t save enough money, you didn’t do enough research. As a result, you run out of money and ideas very quickly with no plan of how to get yourself back on track. This kind of attitude will lead you to nowhere but failure. How do online business start and fail, solution?


You want to have a successful business then start planning, always target the right audience to boost up your sales. Targeting the right audience means, target people or customers according to age, location and retargeting factor.

Reason#4: Poor Quality of Images & Product Description (How do Online Business Start and Fail)

You have worked out, targeting the right audience according to age, location etc. But still not enough sales or zero sales? I mean what’s missing now, find it out?

Tell me the product you are selling, is images of the product are of good quality? And have you written a detailed description of the product which you are selling?

I want you to take a look at it because many people make this mistake and then fail in running a successful business. If you have made the same mistake then the solution is given below.


To overcome all these issues you need to upload Good quality images with well detail product descriptions, promote the product in the right targeted audience for this you have to know your audience “What they really need?”

Reason#5: Poor Response Rate (Online Business Failure)

Even if you are making enough sales but lack to boost up your sales. What is the reason? Still making the same amount of money which you use to make every month?

Are you responding to your customers on time? Because what I have seen so far when a business runs successful, the management team gets relaxed. This should not be done.

Sometimes the customer tries to contact the owner of the e-commerce page or its management team but due to poor response time, the customers go away.


Always be grateful to your customers, even if they are not buying anything from you. But always be in touch with them to leave a positive impression. The average response time should be less than a minute.

Reason#6: No guide for customers “How to Purchase”

Online Business Failure, running an eCommerce website or page is not a big deal, what really matters is that, is it easy for a customer to purchase a product?

Navigation towards add to cart, is it easy for him? How do online business start and fail, the solution is given down below…


Always keep a feedback option on your website or page, so that you can be daily updated by the FAQ’s or complaints.

Reason#7: Lack of Commitment (How do Online Business Start and Fail)

The biggest question “Why do online business fail?” You talk about how much you want to start your own business with your family or friends, but you never really commit to getting started. You keep waiting for the ‘right time’ or continue to ‘think about it’ without ever getting started. This kind of attitude will lead you to nowhere. There are tons of online business types.


Drop the thought of getting started from tomorrow, first plan your business strategy, do some homework about it, work on layouts which you will use in future and most importantly, you have to be passionate about your business plan.

Reason#8: Whatever your online business is, it should be searchable on Google

It’s an online business everyone, don’t you think it should be searchable on the web? SEO is the only way to rank your business website, now your question would be what is SEO? How is it going to help your business? How do online business start and fail, best solution to this problem is given below…



For this, you need a person who can optimize your online business website according to the rules and principle of search engine optimization (SEO). As there are tons of online business types.


Being an entrepreneur is tough, mentally and emotionally, especially when the results in the first year are often inconsistent. But you can do it. Learn from your mistakes, try new approaches, and most importantly keep showing up. Sometimes obstacles can slow your progress (sometimes a whole lot at once can really throw you off track) but you’ve just got to deal with each one as it arises, keep coming back and showing up. You can do it. You can make your new online business idea a success.

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