What to expect from Apple’s ‘iBooks and Mac’ launches in September 2017

Apple announced a new lineup of iPad and Mac models in September that are slated to launch in September.

These new products include the new iPad Pro, the new MacBook Air, and the new Apple TV 4K, among others.

The Apple TV is one of the few new products that has received an update to its firmware and hardware.

The company has been rolling out the TV 4k with support for 1080p video playback since June and the MacBook Air has been updated to support HDMI 2.0.

Apple has been quietly introducing new hardware updates to the TV lineup for years, and it looks like the TV line is no different.

The iPad Pro and MacBook Air will be available in the US and Canada in September, and will arrive in the UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong in October.

The new Mac models are slated for a September launch.

The new Apple TVs will be the first Apple TVs to support Dolby Vision, which uses advanced technologies to enhance the picture quality and color reproduction of the screen.

The latest iteration of the TV series includes a redesigned Apple TV remote that now includes a directional button to switch between living room and entertainment settings.

The remote will also be available for a price drop of $79.99, and can now be ordered at select Apple stores.

Apple has also rolled out an update for its Macs.

Starting with OS X Yosemite, Mac users can now use the new Yosemite version of their Macs as a display for watching videos, using AirPlay and FaceTime.

The updated OS will be released to users on September 29, and users will be able to update their Mac with Yosemite through a software update in the coming weeks.

The Mac will also get a new icon, the OS X logo, and an updated Siri button.

Mac users will also have access to the new version of Siri.

The iPhone XS Max and iPhone X will be launching with new features and improvements in September and the iPhone Xs is slated to be released in October alongside the new iPhone X. Apple also announced that it will be adding support for Apple Pay in the new iPhones, and is working to support credit cards in the upcoming iPhones.

The iPhone X and iPhone 9s Plus will also launch with new versions of their OS X El Capitan operating systems, as well as the upcoming iOS 11.

The redesigned iPhone 8s will be launched in October with support in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Apple is expected to announce additional products in the months ahead.