Apple MacBook Air refurbished

Apple has just launched a refurbished MacBook Air with the latest Intel Core i5 processors, and its got a new design and a refreshed laptop bag.

The new MacBook Air has a slightly thicker body than its predecessor, and it comes with an updated design with its Apple MacBook logo embossed on the lid.

It also features a redesigned MacBook Bag, a new MacBook Bag with a new logo embazoned on its lid, and an updated MacBook Wallet.

There’s also a new Apple MacBook Mini.

As for the new MacBook, it features a new hinge design that looks similar to the MacBook Pro, with a redesigned laptop bag and a new laptop bag with a MacBook logo.

The MacBook Air is priced at $1,199, and the MacBook Mini is priced $1,-99.

It launches on November 21.source News24