Apple to offer iPad repair in stores for up to $1,000

iPad repair is becoming more common in stores as consumers increasingly turn to cheaper techs and tablets.

The company said Thursday it will offer a $1.50 repair and a $50 replacement of the Apple iPad Air 2, the second-generation iPad Air 3, and the second iPad mini 2 in stores starting next month.

The new iPad mini and the iPad Air are not compatible with older iPad models and do not work with Apple’s iOS 8 software update, Apple said.

Apple says the new iPad Air will ship with iOS 8 and that its software will work with the latest Apple Watch Series 3.

The company also said it will begin offering repair and replacement of iPad mini 4s, iPad mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air, iPad 2, Air 2 and Air 3.

The iPad Air and iPad mini will be offered starting in the fourth quarter.

Apple also plans to offer repair and replacements of iPad Airs and iPad Mini 4s starting in late 2018, with the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air models available in the third and fourth quarters of 2019.

Apple is working to offer Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models in select stores as well as a $100 Apple Watch Repair Service credit, the company said.

The repair service offers up to a full refund of any original iPad or iPhone repair or replacement, Apple’s website said.

Apple’s iPad repair and service program is a separate product from its Apple TV service, which it announced last year.

Apple announced a second version of the iPad TV service earlier this month, with an Apple TV Dock for iPad Pro, a new Apple TV Remote for iPad mini, and a new iPad Mini Charger.