‘Diversity’ is not a virtue: Harvard professor

The “diversity” that Harvard Professor James Damore is supposedly espousing is not one that reflects the values that are central to the American way of life, a Harvard professor said Monday.

Damore, a senior lecturer at the school, said he was upset by the word “diverse” used to describe the diversity of people at the university.

Damore, who also taught at the University of California at Berkeley, wrote an essay titled “Diversity is not the answer.”

Damore wrote: “It’s important to recognize that, in the absence of institutional, institutionalized, systemic discrimination, people are going to make choices that reflect who they are, and that includes what they choose to wear.

The fact that the word ‘diversity’ refers to people who are ‘different’ does not make it any less true.

The word ‘multicultural’ doesn’t make it anything less true either.”

The Harvard professor has been a vocal critic of the university’s policies and policies surrounding diversity, but said he had not been aware of the definition of “divergence” that was used by the university until he read the article.

“I was not aware that that term is a term of reference to what is considered diversity,” Damore said.

“That term is an extremely broad and broad definition that is not reflective of the diversity at Harvard that I have experienced.”

He said he did not think it was important to define what “diversion” means to be a “dissident” and that “diving into the details” of “how a person chooses to represent themselves” was important.

Damores remarks come on the heels of a Harvard student group being booted from the university for its “dismissal of students who were perceived to be white supremacists.”

Damores comments come after the university announced that it was pulling funding from the school’s Institute for Diversity and Inclusion.