How to make the most of your Android device’s battery life

A good battery will make you feel like you’re on the go, and with that comes a lot of extra power.

Here are six tricks to make your smartphone or tablet run longer.


Keep your battery alive while you’re working 2.

Get out of your car quickly 3.

Go for long runs on the treadmill 4.

Go camping 5.

Do a bunch of photo and video editing 6.

Use a camera with an HDR mode to get better photos or videosThe following tips should help keep your smartphone battery going for long stretches of time.

Keep the battery aliveWhen you’re in the middle of a workday, or just want to get out of the house, you’re going to want to use your phone as much as possible.

A good smartphone battery will give you plenty of juice to keep you going for a long time.

Here’s how to keep your battery going.1.

Use the right appsThe easiest way to keep the battery going while you are away from your phone is to use apps that allow you to quickly access your smartphone’s battery.

These apps allow you take advantage of the battery’s power by downloading a file and using it to power up the device.2.

Start an app at the right timeWhile the majority of battery life benefits come from the apps you download to power your device, you should also consider installing apps that can help keep it running for longer periods of time, such as a weather app or a video editing app.3.

Turn off notificationsWhile the vast majority of people can find ways to stay productive while they are away, some people may be more apt to get distracted and take their phones off to use other devices.

To make sure your phone doesn’t start to bog down while you sleep, you can turn off notifications to help it stay on when you’re away.4.

Keep a backup app handyFor many people, keeping their phone on when they’re away can be a huge plus.

But, some users may be much more concerned about keeping it online while they’re home.

To keep your phone online while you go out to dinner, you’ll want to keep a backup of your most important documents on your phone.5.

Set the brightness on your screen to maximumWhile the brightness of your smartphone can often be set to max or dim, the brightness can also be adjusted using apps like the brightness slider on your smartphone.

These settings can help you reduce the amount of light coming into your phone when it’s on, making it easier to see and use the screen.6.

Use an app that lets you adjust battery lifeThe brightness slider in your smartphone lets you set the brightness for different apps.

The apps in question will then use the slider to change the brightness.7.

Use apps to get rid of background noiseWhile it’s possible to use the brightness settings in apps to keep things quiet, a lot can happen to your battery while you use them.

Some apps, like the Spotify app, will automatically adjust the brightness to reduce the noise you hear while you listen to music.

Other apps, such a Spotify app for instance, will also automatically turn on or off music when you go to sleep.8.

Use more than one app to conserve batteryWhile it may be possible to save your battery for certain tasks while you work, it’s also possible to put away all your apps at the same time to conserve power.

To do this, you might want to consider a battery saver app.

These can help your phone conserve energy and keep your device going longer.9.

Use one app with multiple functionsIf you want to do something useful while youre away, you will need multiple apps to accomplish that task.

For instance, if you’re trying to use a phone camera while you take photos, you could use one app that uses both the camera and the photo app, for instance.10.

Turn your phone into a Bluetooth speakerIf you need to make calls while youare away, the Bluetooth headset could be the ideal way to do that.

Just plug in your phone, set the Bluetooth setting on your Bluetooth speaker, and turn it on.

Then, when you need a phone call, you just press the button on your headset to connect your phone to your speaker.11.

Turn the brightness up to maximum when you are out and aboutThis is one of the easiest ways to save battery while traveling.

When you’re out and you need more battery power, turn up your brightness so that it’s even more noticeable to others.

For example, if your phone battery is low, turn the brightness down to about 50 percent so that your smartphone will still get the energy it needs.12.

Use battery saving apps on the flyThe best battery saving tips come from apps like Battery Saver, but you can also use apps to turn on and off features like power saving modes, power saving apps, and more.

Here is how to turn the power of your phone on and your battery off with one simple app.