HP laptop support is not a ‘must-have’

A report by PC World says the HP laptop maker has not supported the Dell Latitude 13 7000, a laptop the company says is a “must-go” for those who want the latest technology.HP’s support has been limited to Dell’s 15-inch version of the Latitude and 15-in.

model, which have been outfitted with an Intel Celeron processor, and HP’s older 15- and 15.6-inch models that don’t support Intel’s latest chips.HP told PC World in an email that the laptop “can handle up to 16GB RAM and 2TB hard drive storage.”

HP also said that it “does not currently offer the Dell 14” model of the laptop, which is equipped with an Nvidia GeForce 810M GPU.PC World said that the Dell model has been the “one of the most sought-after laptops” on Amazon.com, where it’s listed for $1,699.

The Dell Latitudes “only” cost $1.99 more, but they are more affordable, according to PC World.HP is not the only company to make laptops that don ‘t support Intel chips.

“Apple and Dell also do not support Intel processors in their laptops, and Lenovo does not offer laptops with Intel chips.

But PC World said HP’s support of Dell’s models is limited, and “the company hasn’t provided any information on how it’s going to address the problem.”

Dell is not alone.

Intel said it will likely not offer a Dell Latio 14 laptop in 2018, and Dell is also looking into support for its own laptop models.

Dell has also announced it will “no longer sell” the Latio 13 7000.

While HP’s statement about the Dell models being “not supported” may be accurate, it still doesn’t address the question of why the company hasn, or won’t, support Intel hardware in its laptops.HP did, however, tell PC World that the company “supports Dell laptops in the United States with Intel processors,” but that “the Latitude 15 is not an Intel processor.”PC World points out that the Latius 14 and 15 have been available since mid-2016, when Intel released its 14-inch model with the Intel Core i7-4920HQ chip.

That chip is expected to be available later this year.

HP, on the other hand, announced in January that it would be releasing a Latitude 14, which has a much higher-powered processor, the i5-4300HQ.