How to buy a laptop 2019, Amazon offers new deals

Buyers who want to make sure they can afford to upgrade from a previous model should look for deals on laptops.

They may be offered new hardware or discounts on new components, said Doug Thompson, president of the Toronto-based consulting firm, Thompson-Lipscomb.

Read moreAbout the companyThe Globe And Mather said it has seen no indication of the new deals being offered in Canada.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Thompson-Linscomb did not respond to an email seeking comment.

In the United States, Lenovo is offering some new laptops that include more powerful processors and more RAM.

But it is offering the latest version of the Core i7 processor, and not the Core m processors used in its previous laptops.

Lenovo said it is also adding a new, faster battery, a keyboard and other new features.

The company is still selling the original i7-7700K, a machine that had a quad-core processor and a 16GB RAM option.

That model is now priced at $1,799.