How to use a laptop cover

When you’re looking to buy a new laptop, it’s a good idea to buy one with a hard case, not one that’s made to fit a keyboard.

The Sport Bookcase comes in two different versions: one that fits a standard keyboard and a keyboard cover, and another that fits an external keyboard and covers.

In the article below, we’ll go through how to determine which one is right for you.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Laptop Cover?

Pros Good for laptops with large screens, such as the Toshiba Satellite S9 or Dell XPS 13 Pros Cons Limited USB Type-C compatibility, which makes the laptop harder to plug in when charging Pros Great for large screens Pros Easy to clean Cons Not recommended for people who have allergies or allergies to any chemicals Cons Not a good fit for some laptop users who want to avoid dust Cons Not ideal for those who want a keyboard and/or cover to fit their laptops Pros Solid, durable, and good for a small size Cons Very thin and thin, so you won’t have a lot of room for an external monitor