When you buy a laptop, you can be guaranteed it’s ‘the right one’

Buyers in the US and UK have been given a new tool to save on their computer purchases by selling the laptops they want online for a much lower price.

According to the new ‘Smart Deals’ programme launched by Dell, the laptops listed on its website and in its e-commerce platform will be marked down to $100.

Dell says it will take the price down to under $300 and then rebate the difference to buyers.

The program will allow buyers to buy a computer at a discount by bidding on a laptop that is listed on Dell’s website and has an “excellent” customer rating.

Users can bid for a laptop as low as $100 using a Dell Smart Deals widget.

The total price will be calculated and the rebate will be deducted from the total.

Users will be able to bid up to $1,500 for a specific laptop using the same widget.

Dell’s Smart Deals platform will also be available for purchase on Amazon, where users can bid on computers that are listed on the site.

The Dell Smart Deal will only apply to Dell’s online marketplace, which is a separate website from the retailer’s online store.

The Smart Deals program will work only on laptops, so if you buy one online, you’ll not be able see a price drop on Dell.

Users won’t be able, however, to use the software to bid on new laptops.

It will only be available to buy the exact same laptop twice, and those bids will be rebated to the consumer.

Dell is the only major retailer that offers a program to make buying laptops easier.

The company said the Smart Deals programme will help consumers save money by helping to reduce the risk of getting a laptop repaired or replaced.

Doll said the program will be available through its ecommerce platform and is “designed to assist individuals in the purchase of new laptops to save them money”.

Dell has long used a variety of online marketing techniques to lure customers to its online store, with the company recently signing up for a partnership with Google’s Adwords to give users direct marketing messages from its website.

In a statement, Dell said it wanted to provide the best possible experience for customers who want to shop online.

“This new program is designed to help consumers find the best value in their computer purchase, saving them money,” the statement said.

“The rebate is an easy way to buy new laptops for less than they would have paid to purchase a new computer.”

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