HP laptop support

A Google+ user has shared a link to a listing of HP laptops that can be used to support Windows 10.

The post, which was originally shared by a user known as LazyGnome, now appears to have been deleted.

HP has not responded to Ars’ request for comment.

The HP 15W laptop, which is compatible with Windows 10, has an integrated keyboard and touchscreen.

It also has the same 4G LTE band as the HP EliteBook 15, a laptop that was announced last year and was designed to be a replacement for the HP Spectre x360.

HP’s new laptops can be configured to support a wide variety of Windows 10 features, including universal apps, virtual desktops, and a “full-stack” Windows 10 environment.

The company has also said it is working with the Microsoft-backed Project Olympus on an Android Windows 10 desktop replacement, and it recently added support for a “universal app” to Windows 10 Mobile.

The new HP 15 laptops come in three color options, the $2,299 HP 15T, the more affordable $1,399 HP 15, and the more expensive $2 of the more powerful $3,199 HP 15.

HP said the new laptops are designed to “take advantage of the latest in advanced technologies and capabilities in the latest Windows 10.”

We’ve reached out to HP for comment, and we’ll update this article if we hear back.