Dell to launch laptops for sale in UK, Europe, US

Dell is to launch the first laptops for the home user in Britain, Europe and the US in the coming weeks.

The company will offer the Laptops For Sale service to help people buy the laptops they want, from the most expensive to the lowest budget, said a spokesman. 

“Dell’s range of high-end laptops and accessories are now available to customers around the world, with an expanding range of new features, including new technology, in-built power, and the latest technologies to support the latest PC technologies,” the spokesman said.

The Dell Laptop for Sale service is available on the Dell website.

The first models of the laptops will be priced from around £1,000 ($1,999) up to £4,000, according to the spokesman.

The spokesperson said the first wave of laptops will come with an assortment of features, from an integrated webcam to a USB Type-C port.

“The laptops will also include a built-in keyboard, a built in microphone and USB Type A to USB Type C ports,” the spokesperson said.

“They will also come with a range of additional features including a range on screen buttons, a variety of screens, USB Type V charging ports, a range for the power cord and other connectivity.”

Users will be able to customize their own laptop, with a selection of different colours and materials available.

“This is a unique opportunity for customers to find the best value for their money.”

Customers who purchase the Dell Laptop for Sale offer can then choose between the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and Dell Inspire 15 7000 Pro models, with more models coming later this year.

“Dells Inspiron laptops are also available to buy from select Dell stores in the UK and the United States.”